Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Our customers say it the best!

"I can’t believe you don’t have one of these units in every shop/manufacturer in the US – it programs so simple, studies can be done so quick, as fast and you can take parts on and off the pedestal, in-process checks are fast (any level of operator can use) . "

Leo Thompson

Machinging  Concepts Inc.

Cedarburg, WI

"I am in awe with your customer response time! If every company in the world was so adequate in this department I think this world would be a better place. So THANK YOU!"

Ian Blake, Process Engineer
JAE Tech Inc.
Apple Creek OH, 44606

"The best investment in Quality we’ve made in 36 years! In an industry trying to bridge the gap between retiring skilled machinists and the new generation of trainees the OASIS added in a few days to the level of control we had over machining processes in our shop. No longer did we have to pick which external dimensions of a part we were going to monitor, we could now check them all in the amount of time it took to set the part down. Operators could now get instant feedback along with better detail of the condition of tools. The addition of the OASIS allowed us to be inspecting at real time, while allowing limited trained Quality personnel to get consistent and thorough inspection detail from machine operator trainees. The OASIS has been a huge time saver as well as a great instructional tool."

Randy Lusk, President
Lusk Quality Machine Products
Palmdale, CA 93590

“The Oasis Inspection System has been an outstanding addition to our company. It has improved First Piece and In-Process Inspection time dramatically, allowing both Operators and Inspectors to do their job more efficiently. The speed, accuracy and repeatability this system provides is unequaled in the metrology industry. In addition, the Customer Support staff at George Products has provided both friendly and knowledgeable service, helping us resolve any issue as soon as it occurs. We currently have purchased three of the units, and have plans to acquire at least one more.”

Paul Frye, CMM Programmer
Arthrex Manufacturing Inc.
Naples FL 34108

"Recently, our comparator in the inspection department broke down for a couple days. The OASIS saved us. Both QA and the operators were still able to check 98% of our parts. Purchasing the OASIS really was one of our better investments for inspection and production personnel."

Debbie Haslam, Director of Quality Assurance
Alger Manufacturing, LLC
Ontario, California

"This piece of equipment is amazing! We run 5 CNC Swiss machines across multiple shifts. SOP in the shop was to run the machines at 25 percent rapid override so the operators could keep up with inspections. NO MORE – We have turned all the machines back up to 100 percent rapid. All because of the OASIS.

The speed is incredible – both per part and switching between parts. The programming of the OASIS is easy and straight forward. All the operators already know how to set up a part on it. And I really like the graphics showing each measurement and where it is in the tolerance band. The reason I like it is I have noticed the operators have made a little competition between them to see who can keep the processes centered the best. Nothing like visual feedback!!

Thanks for coming up with such a great piece of equipment!"

Ken Jensen, Managing Member
Pinnacle Precision, LLC
Hyde Park, Utah

"The OASIS has reduced our inspection time from 2 ½ - 3 minutes per component to 2 to 5 seconds; reducing the need for an in-process inspector doing inspection audits and allowing the operator to inspect each component 100%. This has resulted in real-time data acquisition from our inspections that helps manage tool wear and keeps the process stable during operation. The OASIS is the perfect inspection system to reduce inspection labor and is a great tool to monitor process operations."

Daniel Proveaux, Quality Assurance Manager
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, COQE Certified Quality Manager
Goodrich Corporation
Bamberg, South Carolina

"I would like to say if you’re looking for speed and accuracy and want to save time measuring parts than the OASIS Optical gage is one you would want to consider. The technical support you get after buying the OASIS machine is second to none."

Tim Breece, Quality Assurance Manager
Legends Manufacturing
Jackson, Michigan

"The OASIS measurement system provides the capability of measuring multiple external diameters and dimensions on a variety of products. This precision device is user friendly, with minimal set-up and instruction required prior to application proficiency. Technical support is top notch, professional, and highly informative."

John Tamashaitis, Manager - Supplier Quality Assurance
Kamatics Corporation
Bloomfield, Connecticut

"The capability of the OASIS to capture several measurements simultaneously and to electronically record those measurements helps us to reduce our inspection costs and allows the technicians to focus their time on fabrication rather than measurement."

Andy Mayer, Quality Engineer
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"The OASIS empowers people on the shop floor. They have great confidence in what they are producing because the OASIS gives them the instant feedback to know exactly how they are doing at any given time. There is an extraordinary sense of confidence, from the shop foreman to a trainee operator."

Terry Danielson, Vice President
Spartan Manufacturing Company
Garden Grove, California

"The OASIS has been a great asset in the Quality lab. The ability to quickly program this unit to inspect various characteristics within a matter of minutes has been invaluable. By using the OASIS, what would have taken me at least a day or more to measure, instead it only took me less than an hour to get all the dimensions. This was because I could get all the dimensions at once for each part I set up on the Oasis unit.

The problem now with having this OASIS is that we are going to be setting it out on the production line soon, and no one (including myself) wants the Oasis to leave the Quality lab. It has become pretty invaluable to us. Who knows, maybe we will have to get another one soon."

Paul Gray, Quality Manager
Hoosier Tool & Die, Inc.
Columbus, Indiana

"The OASIS is an incredible inspection device for small components. Our OASIS has saved us so much time on sorting parts, manufacturing setups, and incoming inspection. Low cost compared to other machines, great support and easy programming made this an easy decision."

Gary DiLonardo, Quality Assurance Manager
Clippard Instrument Laboratory
Cincinnati, Ohio

"We recently purchased two OASIS units and could not be any more excited. In the short time we have had them, we have saved countless hours on 1st article, in-process and final inspections. We run very complex parts, some of which have over 150 features. Although we can’t measure every feature with the OASIS, we do get the vast majority. We have eliminated the need to use Mics, Calipers, Optical Comparators and other various hand tools. We have lessened the “Human Error” element of measurement, which is always a factor. Not only do we get “real time” information quite a bit faster, but the OASIS also gives us the opportunity to utilize our staff in a more productive manner."

"Where were these units 10 years ago???"

Mark Dymale, Quality Assurance Manager
Prism Manufacturing Group
Port Washington, Wisconsin