Saturday, February 17, 2018

110 Sleepy Hollow
Middletown, DE 19709


OASIS Elite > Programming



Easily Program the OASIS by setting nominal dimensions and tolerance for each part inspected. Initial programming allows the OASIS to provide a pass/fail indicator designed to meet your specifications.


Inspection Zone                                   

When a part is placed in the inspection zone the profile is digitally captured and displayed on your screen.





Drag-and-Drop for Dimensions  

Select a measurement tool, drag it over the dimension you want to measure, and drop it in place. In this example, we added a few dimensions for OASIS to measure.





Set Nominal Sizes & Tolerance 

Once the nominal sizes and tolerance are set, the minimum, and maximum measurements are shown.  Measurements within specifications are shown in green, while out of  tolerance parts are shown in red.





Finished Part Program                                                        

Total time to program this part was 5 minutes. Now every time this part is placed on the inspection zone all of the dimensions will be measured instantly.