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Thread Module

The Thread Tool measures key components of thread geometry, including major, minor and pitch diameters, in less than a second. Pitch distance as well as crest and root truncation are also included. The thread tool works on 60-degree “V” form straight threads, and tolerances can be set individually for each measured characteristic.
The operator sets the part into the system’s field of view, and the inspected parameters immediately display on the monitor. The monitor graphically denotes the status of every component via color coding—with red denoting that a feature is out of tolerance, green denoting a feature within tolerance and yellow denoting a warning that a feature is close to tolerance limits.
Dimensions can be saved in the system’s inspection report spreadsheet or imported to SPC in real-time. Another option is to use the thread tool for on-the-fly monitoring of in-process thread production. Other advantages of instantaneous thread measurement include the ability to sort threaded parts and to identify threads in large batches.
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