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  • Apr 13 2015
    New Product From: 4/13/2015 Modern Machine Shop, Edited by Stephanie Hendrixson , Assistant Editor Click Image to Enlarge George Products Co. has added features to its Oasis Inspection Systems software package, including new language options for Spanish- and German-speaking users. The free software upgrade also includes new options for the reporting software to enable filtering by trace fields such as operator, job number or machine number. The u... details
  • Jul 9 2014
    Product Announcements From: 7/9/2014 Modern Machine Shop, Edited by Jedd Cole , Assistant Editor from Modern Machine Shop Click Image to Enlarge George Products Company offers a thread measurement add-on to its Oasis inspection system, which instantly and simultaneously measures external dimensions on profile views of parts. The software's thread tool measures key components of thread geometry in less than a second, says the company, including ... details
  • May 2 2014
    Article From: 5/2/2014 Production Machining, Lori Beckman , Managing Editor Click Image to Enlarge George Products Company has added a computer and monitor to its Oasis Core at no additional cost. This update allows the machine to be used minutes after it is uncrated. Highlights of the Core include a portable table top system with an accuracy of 0.0001 inch. Precision optics offer instant measurement of multiple dimensions as soon as a part is placed on the pedestal. ... details
  • May 24 2013
    Southwest Manufacturing News page 110 Building on its OASIS Elite line with three fields of view, George Products Company now offers the OASIS Elite Dual, designed with any two of three fields of view to measure a wider range of parts with one machine. Please click the following link to read the entire article. p=110 ... details
  • Apr 27 2012
    George Products Company Refines The OASIS Canadian Metalworking magzine-April 2012- Page 22 2012 has already been a busy year for George Products Company of Middletown, De, with two big announcements. Since the New Year, George Products Company has upgraded its OASIS line of fast, full-featured, non-contact vision inspection machines and introduced a newcomer to the OASIS family called the CoreX2. The OASIS line consists of portable metrology devices that can measure multiple part d... details
  • Aug 6 2011
    We are exciting about the new File Linking feature that we've added. With File Linking, OASIS part program files can be linked together in a sequence. This allows for measuring with one program, and then automatically launching another program when the Data button is pushed. The resulting measurement data from linked programs are joined together into a single data file that can be used with the OASIS Inspection Report or imported into SPC. Any number of part programs can be linked tog... details
  • Jul 23 2010
    Column From: Aerospace Manufacturing and Design-June/July 2010 Edited by: Matthew Grasson, Associate Editor Putting out good products, and being profitable, is what it is all about in the machining business. Companies strive to become more efficient with their resources, always watching the bottom line. But, what happens when quality control becomes the bottleneck that is wasting time and money while pinching an already thin profit margin? Many precision machine part manufacturer's... details
  • Jun 29 2010
    Industry's Fastest Inspection System How much time are you wasting measuring parts your way? We measured 25 parts with 27 dimensions each part with a total of 700 dimensions in fewer than 90 seconds. If you're not making chips, you're not making money. Ultra High Speeds Users friendly full feature software Instant measurements Accurate to 0.0001 inches Automatic inspection reporting Test drive the OASIS, today! ... details
  • May 6 2010
    New Product Announcements From: Posted on: 5/6/2010 The OASIS inspection system by George Products Company is driven by its own software that powers the system to operate at high inspection speeds. The strobe light source that creates the part shadow to be measured is controlled by the software to pulse light in micro-second bursts that stops action, the company says. It has a strobe rate of 6 bursts per second, synchronized with the shutter on the digital camera, g... details
  • Apr 21 2010
    Column From:, Chris Felix , Associate Editor Posted on: 4/13/2010 A legitimate method for checking micromachined parts is through the use of an inspection system such as the OASIS. This optical inspection system, offered by George Products Company Inc., allows non-contact measurement accuracies to 0.0001 . It offers simultaneous measure of multiple dimensions, with continuous image acquisition for instant measurements. Read the rest of the article. ... details
  • Mar 30 2010
    Middletown, DE- March 30, 2010: Industry leaders frustrated with high cost of inspection push for speed in the quality department without sacrificing accuracy or adding complexity. These days, equipment is only as good as the software that runs it. Customers don t want a collection of parts; they want a turn-key solution to their inspection problems that includes powerful software to drive the system, says Erik Adams of George Products Co. The OASIS Inspection System is driven by ... details